Total Reliable Solutions - Manpower Supply, Construction & Technical Services

Total Reliable Solutions Management and personnel draw on and share the knowledge they have gained from almost 27 years of experience within the fields of Engineering, Construction, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning, Test and Inspection/ Maintenance, to focus on continuous process improvement and Plant maintenance. We offer a broad array of services with the flexibility and capacity to be tailor-made to meet the requirements of our clients. Our services range from total Plant maintenance outsourcing and Management to Industrial Cleaning and Pre-commissioning.
Total Reliable Solutions has been involved in Manpower supply, Mechanical Construction, Maintenance services and specialty Industrial Cleaning since the year 2006. During this period, we have gained an admirable reputation for our expertise in the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas and Marine Industries in many parts of the world. Over time and through experience, Management have pioneered and introduced more cost effective methods of cleaning, with the adoption of new generation techniques and processes. Furthermore, Total Reliable Solutions makes use of the resources in our Construction Division and Fabrication shop to perform a wide range of small to large -scale modification projects.
TOTAL RELIABLE SOLUTIONS personnel are all committed to the Company Quality and Safety policies and dedicated to the conformance of these into every part of their operations, as these are considered key factors to the company's success and growth. Customer focus is crucial for the success of the Division and personnel are directed to give customer satisfaction prime consideration in all their activities, a theme that is continued throughout this manual.

Mission and Values

The company's mission is to be one of the largest and most successful industrial contracting companies in the Far East Asia, to deliver sustainable value to its clients and to be a growing source of pride to its customers, country, shareholders, employees and families.
TOTAL RELIABLE SOLUTIONS is determined to increase its market share, to enhance its engineering capabilities, improve quality of service and adopt a more competitive pricing strategy. Total Reliable Solutions is ready to contemplate new ventures, partnerships or alliances that will expand its range of services across key sectors of the contracting industry.
The company is keen on investing in strategic assets that will allow it to improve the range of value added services and strengthen the relationship with clients.

  • Company Quality Policy (link document)
  • Our commitment to Safety

Quality Assurance and Control

Our Total Commitment to Quality.
At Total Reliable Solutions, we are committed to maintaining and enhancing our reputation for delivering client satisfaction through timely performance and the provision of cost efficient, quality services.

To deliver our commitment, we will:

  • Communicate this policy to all employees and other stake-holders as appropriate to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities for quality and service standards.
  • Comply with statutory obligations, standards and codes of practice relevant to quality management
  • Establish, monitor and audit quality management systems and programs that are consistent with the certification requirements of ISO 9001-2008.
  • Provide sufficient and suitable resources to implement and maintain the quality system.
  • Employ suitably qualified, skilled, experienced and motivated employees
  • Educate and train in order to continually improve employee skills, awareness and knowledge of quality issues and practices.
  • Identify, investigate and satisfactorily resolve all non-conformances.
  • Establish and review performance measures and take action to improve performance.
  • Monitor and evaluate the quality performance of consultants, subcontractors and suppliers and implement effective communication with them on quality and non-conformance issues.
  • Periodically review and revise our Quality Management Policy and procedures to maintain their relevance.

In providing a quality service, we will embrace new ideas, technology and innovation. We will strive for continuous improvement, setting new benchmarks to maintain our exemplary reputation as an industry leader.

Health, Safety, Environmental Preservation and Responsible Care

Occupational Health & Safety Policy
We firmly believe the key to our success is to maintain the health and safety of everyone on our sites. We make safety a state of mind by which we think, we act and we behave to eliminate unsafe acts. Health and safety at work is both an individual accountability and shared responsibility of everyone on our sites.

To achieve our goal of a zero harm workplace, our main focus shall be to:

  • Ensure safety has equal importance to production, cost, morale, and quality.
  • Ensure safety leadership is driven through all levels of the company.
  • Respond immediately to control identified unsafe acts and conditions.
  • Encourage proactive strategies to continually improve our OHS performance.
  • Provide our staff and employees with the resources and training to ensure they can perform their duties safely