Plant Turnaround & Shutdown

Total Reliable Solutions possesses the capacity and manpower required to carry out a complete Turnaround Package and Project Management of any Petrochemical / Refinery Unit, acting as a Single Source Maintenance Contractor. Our personnel understand that Turnaround Management is critical in aiding the completion of each job within a specified time frame, in order to resume Plant operation. The types of jobs involved in Plant Turnaround/ Shutdown include:
Equipment Maintenance and Repair, Plant Modifications, Producing Tie-ins to facilitate Plant expansion, Unit Cleaning, Catalyst Change Over and other jobs as specified by each client.
As a Main Contractor for Plant Turnarounds & Shutdowns, TOTAL RELIABLE SOLUTIONS will provide the following services:

  • Project Management
  • Planning of Shutdown Activities
  • Fabrication/Construction/Piping
  • Hydro jetting and cleaning of Pipes, Vessels & Tanks
  • Mechanical Work and Preparation
  • Catalyst Handling
  • Chemical Cleaning and Preservation
  • Painting and Grit Blasting
  • Scaffolding and Insulation
  • Refractory and Cladding
  • Pressure and Leak Testing
  • Inspection and NDT Testing
  • Nitrogen Purging and Inertisation
  • Tank and Vessel Cleaning
  • Civil Works
  • Bolt Tension & Torque
  • Chimney and Flare Works
  • Rotating Equipment Maintenance
  • Cold Cutting of Pipelines & Vessels
  • Hot Tapping services.