Total Reliable Solutions Key Personnel References on Maintenance, Modifications, Tie ins, Brownfield Construction, Precommissioning Projects

Total Reliable Solutions key personnel have executed various projects in the Middle East, particularly in UAE, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. All the technical manpower within Total Reliable Solutions are qualified and experienced in Oil & Gas industry for years to assure best quality services to Australian and Far East Asian clients.

  • Aqua Milling cleaning of pipe spools & preservation for major de bottleneck project for Saudi Chevron Phillips during Feb 2007, October 2007 -AYTB as the construction contractor.
  • Performed Pre commissioning activity for Samsung Saudi Arabia Ltd, for their project of EO / EG Plant at Sharq 3rd Expansion Project. Foster Wheeler is the FEED & EPC which includes Passivation of Cooling water system, Bolting & mechanical run check and preparation.
  • Chemical Cleaning of Oxygen lines for Jubail United Petrochemical company JUPC -EO EG plant II and Aqua milling cleaning of Oxygen import line from EG I.
  • Carried out Hydraulic Bolt torquing and tensioning requirements of the entire project, completed in schedule, maintained complete data base of the joints, ensuring joint integrity and Achieved 'Zero'% leak at two major projects for Jubail United Petrochemical Company - SATEC -EO /EG Phase 2 and LINARCO - LAO Project
  • Successfully completed Columns modification job which includes retraying in 7 columns with Sulzer high performance trays and shut down jobs for Major Turn Around at Saudi Chevron Phillips, Jubail. during Feb 2007 with 42 engineering days based on the major columns modification works. This project is a part of the major modification and debottlenecking of existing old Aromax complex.
  • De contamination of the columns and vessels in Saudi Chevron Phillips during shut down Feb 2007, October 2007 reduces the gas freeing and release for maintenance 50% less time.
  • Chemical cleaning & Passivation of Cooling water lines for United LAO, Sharq -Samsung -3rd Expansion EG plant, Yansab EG Phase 1.
  • Pre commissioning works for Saudi Aramco GOSP 1, Qatif Producing Facilities. As a Contractor for Pre Commissioning to Snamprogetti S. p. A. Milanese, Italy.
    Planning and Work Package Preparation and the Pre commissioning work Prepared Checklist & Forms for Precommissioning and Site acceptance and inspection for startup.
    The GOSP 1 consists of Gas Oil Separation Plant, Water Oil Separation Plant, Water Injection Plant, Gas Gathering Plant and Utilities.
  • Provided Manpower assistance for commissioning and startup, Aqua milling, Chemical cleaning and maintenance requirements for Saudi Aramco Qatif facilities at Berri Gas Plant -Sulfur Recovery Units Expansion and Modification Sub contractor for Technip Saudi Arabia Ltd.
  • Aqua Milling of big bore lines, Chemical Cleaning and Oil Flushing works of Lube oil circuit of WIP pumps and Gas compressors for Saudi Aramco Qatif facilities GOSP 2 Qatif South as a Subcontractor for Arabian CBI Ltd.
  • Completed Turnaround maintenance Job in January 2008 T/A for Safco IV -one of the world largest Ammonia Plant -Saudi Arabian Fertilizers Company, Jubail. KSA.
  • Completed Revalidation of Hi Flow rate gas well flow lines for Hawiyah and Kuff gas area for Saudi Aramco.
  • Shut down maintenance job at Saudi Aramco Riyadh Refinery -April 2005 for the plants LPG, Vise breaker, DGA, Sulfur, Desulphurization and Hydrogen plants.
  • Shut down maintenance job at Saudi Aramco Riyadh Refinery -Feb 2007 for the plants LPG, Vise breaker, DGA, Sulfur, Desulphurization and Hydrogen plants, with critical mile stone for about 40% tubes replacement for platformate heater -completed 2 days ahead of schedule on primary plan
  • Completed Turn around for Shedgum Gas plant for Saudi Aramco - Aug 2006.
  • Shut down maintenance job at Saudi Aramco Rastanura South Refinery -April 2004 for the 5 plants including Vise breaker, DGA, Sulfur, Desulphurization and Hydrogen plants.
Project References in Australia & Fast East Asian Countries:

PSS Asia / ATS under TRS management previously executed below projects in Australasian Countries between 2008 to 2013.

  • Have performed Rigging and closure of Ammonia Converter, performed Bolt tensioning and Torque requirement of the project during construction of one of the biggest single train Ammonia plant in Burrup Peninsula, Western Australia.
  • ATS performed long term Maintenance works for BFPL, which includes, General Mechanical, Electrical Maintenance works, Scaffolding, Coating and insulation works from 2007 to 2013.
  • PSS Asia successfully delivered maintenance and repair activity on an Emergency shutdown during April 2008, due to break down for 4 days.
  • PSS Asia Managed and completed Total Turnaround Management for BFPL planned Major Shutdown during June 2008
  • ABSO Engineering executed a New Desalination Plant (Brownfield Construction Project ) with a capacity of 1500 M3 each skid per day. This is a brown field project, to have tie ins for existing utility system & steam supplies & control interface with the existing main control room.
  • Total Reliable Solutions has been awarded for the construction of a Steel plant for Bensteel Total Reliable, at Kertih, Terranganu state, Malaysia.
  • Total Reliable Solutions has been awarded for the construction of a BOPET, a down stream plastics & packaging manufacturing unit for Benflex Total Reliable at Kertih, Terranganu state, Malaysia.