Chemical Cleaning

Total Reliable Solutionshas extensive experience in pre-commissioning boiler chemical cleaning, post-operational boiler chemical cleaning, process piping chemical cleaning and lube oil system oil flushing.

  • An alkaline/solvent wash for hydrocarbon sludge removal from your process equipment
  • An acid/chelant treatment for scale build-up on the inside of pipes and tubes in your boiler or cooling water service
  • Passivation to have a protective layer for the cleaned pipes to prevent / minimise from further corrosion.
  • Total Reliable Solutions provides Lay up (wet or dry) / preservation of the plant & equipment.

The process effectively removes residual oils, corroded and hardened deposits as well as other impurities generated throughout the industrial process. The benefits of chemical cleaning far exceed mechanical cleaning by significantly reducing the shutdown period. Removal of mill scales with the use of tailor made chemical solvents for newly installed equipment such as Power Plants, Industries boiler, Heat exchangers, tanks, vessels and other industrial equipment

Our chemical cleaning fleet includes:

  • Chemical blending/circulating units
  • Filtration units
  • Heating units
  • Injection units
  • High volume pumping equipment
Silent Steam Blow

High velocity steam blowing, utilizes low-pressure steam at near sonic velocities, to remove mill scale and construction debris from newly installed permanent steam systems. Total Reliable Solutionssteam blowing process, is individually designed to maximize cleaning efficiency, while minimizing the noise to cause no disruption to other critical path plant operations, and be environmentally friendly to any local residents.Total Reliable Solutionsdesigns and builds silencing and targeting systems for each individual project. Every project is pre engineered and detailed. The actual cleaning time is fast and painless for our clients.